Saturday, 20 November 2010

Big sister

Lilian is going to be a big sister in May next year. Mette had her 12/13 week scan earlier this week at Kings. We're both super excited. Here are the results.

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Visit from Denmark

Auntie Vibeke, uncle Martin and cousins Tobias & Anton came to visit us in London. On the Sunday we decided to go up in London Eye. Picture on the left is off Vibeke and Lilian having fun on the bus up to Waterloo.

On the Eye and nearly by the top. Both Anton and Lilian were tired by this point. It's a long journey to the top... We saw a couple of police boats with flashing lights on the Thames which the boys thought was very interesting.

The view from London Eye

On the Tuesday we went to our local playground. Lilian enjoyed her cuddles with auntie Vibeke and uncle Martin.

Lilian's first time on a slide. Uncle Martin and cousin Tobias shows her how its done.

Anton having fun at the playground.

Snapshot of Lilian's Diary

You migth be wondering what Lilian and mummy is up to everyday. She is an extremely busy girl and we don't have many days to relax. Poor daddy has to spent all his holidays going to appointments. Below is a snapshot of Lilian's diary.

20 Sept: Physio therapy appointment
21 Sept: Hospital Appointment - Ultrasound to check for cancer in pelvis and abdominal
22 Sept: Dietitian appointment
23 Sept: Cranio therapy
24 Sept: Hospital Appointment - Heart Scan
25 Sept: Danish mummy meeting
26 Sept: Olivia 1 year birthday party
27 Sept: Grandma Lis is over from Denmark this week so a day of fun.
28 Sept: Physio Therapy session for babies with special needs
29 Sept: Hospital appointment - Check feeding tube healed OK
30 Sept: First aid course
1st Oct: KIDS Playgroup - playgroup for children with special needs.
2nd-5th Oct : Visit from Denmark - Uncle Martin, auntie Vibeke plus Tobias and Anton
6h Oct: Occupational therapy appointment
7 Oct: Physio therapy appointment
8 Oct: Hospital Appointment -  Endocrinology
9 Oct: Visit uncle Stuart and auntie Sarah in Surbiton
10 Oct: Marie Louise birthday party but had to cancel - Sorry Malou
11 Oct: OFF
12 Oct: Hospital appointment - pediatric doctor. Found out Lilian has too much water on her brain and MRI scan needed to find out how serious it is.
13 Oct: Cranio therapy
14 Oct: Hospital appointment to discuss cancer risks at Great Ormand Street. Lilian has a high fever and heart rate and we get admitted immediately.
15,16,17 Oct: Recovering at home
18 Oct: Speech and Language and Occupational therapy appointment
19 Oct: Dietitian appointment
20 Oct: OFF
21 Oct: Hospital Appointment - Dermatology
22 Oct: KIDS Playgroup - Playgroup for children with special needs
23-24 Oct: First weekend this month with no plans but Neil was working
25 Oct: Saw Ida and Anabelle for the first time in ages. We went to the ceramic cafe in Dulwich and enjoyed being creative. I also tried Ida's cupcakes for the first time and they were divine.

Lilian and mummy

Ida and the lovely Anabelle