Sunday, 27 February 2011

Say what!?

On Friday morning I took Lilian to have her third hearing test so far at Guy's Hospital in London Bridge. She passed with flying colours and appears to have no problems with her hearing. This is great news for Lilian as her developmental issues would only be compounded by a loss in her hearing. Go Lilian!

She has had an ear infection recently though. The Doctor tried to look in her left ear but she went crazy. Must still sting a bit. I'm off down to the local GP tomorrow to pick up some antibiotics to help clear it up.

We're going back in 3-4 months so they can test both ears in a clean state (without the infection) just to ensure her hearing is good in both ears.

Sunday, 20 February 2011

First time in Denmark and on a plane too!

We've just gotten back from a few days away in Denmark visiting the Viking half of our family. It was Lilian's first time over there (outside of the womb at least) and also her first time on a plane! This was our third attempt at getting over a trip out in the last few months. The previous two attempts were cancelled due to medical events. It was also out first holiday since Lilian arrived with us last January. We'd both had a couple of days off work here and there for relaxing but otherwise all our holiday was taken for hospital appointments. So much in fact that I've been negative with holiday since Feb last year. Only now am I in the positive again!

Oooh. The people look just like ants!
On the plane Lilian did us proud. A bit of noise when we got on-board but I think she didn't like the PA and the cabin crew trying to sell their commission tat. When we started to rumble down the strip and off into the blue she appeared to love it. Smiles came in plentiful. Banging on the window was pretty funny too. The only problem was I'm normally Mette's hand-hold-guy as she hates taking off and landing. She had to grab the seat for all she was worth this time around. When we broke cloud cover we saw that the whole of Denmark was covered in snow. A winter wonderland compared to rainy old London town. Only problem was I had my rain jacket and Mette's coat doesn't cover her pregnant belly very well. At least we had hats!

We stayed with Mette's big sister Vibeke and her husband Martin with boys Tobias and Anton. Lilian absolutely loved it. She had so much to watch and do. Nothing like at home as our two cats (Derek and Clive) just can't compare to two little boys under the age of 10. She had so much fun in fact she barely slept during the day and just sat around playing with toys and watching the boys do their thing.

Tobias did an excellent job looking after Lilian. She couldn't keep her eyes of him for long waiting for the next fun thing to do or watch.
Great friends!
Tobias and I got down to some serious snowman making activity and produced this masterpiece.

Hello I have potatoes for eyes.
Martin took Tobias and I to the woods behind the house for some serious sledging activity.

It was great to see all of the Danes again as they don't get to see Lilian as often as they'd like. We'll now stuck in the UK until the next baby arrives in May so we're aiming for a late Summer trip out again.

Great times.
Lilian and Dagmar say hello for the first time.

Hanne og Jan

Lis and Lilian chillaxing.

All the photos can be seen online here.

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Ha ha hats! ha

Mette's been trying to load this video for ages but it kept failing so Daddy had to step in and sort it out. Lilian saves up all her laughs but when they come she keeps them coming!

Total roll over

Lilian chose to roll over onto her tummy all by herself today for the very first time ever. She's been okay at rolling over when we hold her by the hips but today was the first time she managed to get over all by herself. When she'd done it once she did it all afternoon!