Saturday, 12 March 2011

Happy (corrected) birthday!

Happy birthday to Lilian who's corrected age is one today. Lilian was meant to come into the world on the 12th March last year (a day before Daddies birthday no less) but it was decided she make her appearance 9 weeks early so she turned up on the 8th January instead.

Happy birthday for the second time this year my darling little girl.

Monday, 7 March 2011


Both Mummy and Lilian went into hospital for scans today. Lilian had a CT scan on her brain and Mette had a 28 week scan of the 2nd baby.

Lilian's scan was to check if she has developed a chiari malformation which apparently can be caused as part of the Costello syndrome. It's performed every three months and this is the second one so far. Lilian was first on the list at 9am sharp. She had to lie very still in a doughnut shape machine for a few minutes whilst it hummed and burred all around her. Taking into account the Lilian was wide awake and is just over 1 year old she did very well indeed. I stood next to her shaking a rattle in a really heavy lead line jacket. We'll get the results in a few days/weeks.

Mette is having a scan of her bump every 3-4 weeks. This is partly to monitor progress of the new baby given Lilian's traumatic start in life but (probably) mostly to reassure both Mette and I. We are ultra nervous at the moment and still a little bit broken inside. Anything to help reassure us and take the pain away is good at the moment, The scan went well and the little fella (we already know it's a boy if you missed that one on Facebook) is doing okay. He's a good size and has lots of hands, feet, fingers and toes. I saw a glimpse his face front-on which was pretty cool as normally this things are in profile.