Monday, 7 November 2011

Costello Conference

We went to the Costello / CFC Conference at the Hilton Northampton hotel. We had a lovely time and it was great to gain some new knowledge and meet other families. If you want to find out more about Costello Syndrome and how to manage poor feeding issues you can watch the recording from the conference by clicking on the links above.

Wednesday: We had an evening get together meal at the Hotel. Lilian tried blue cheese on biscuits for the first time and she liked it. Grandma was on the phone during dinner and Lilian decided to copy grandma and use her blue cheese biscuit as a telephone. 

Wednesday:  After a lovely dinner Lilian and Oskar walks back to our room with the help of grandma and daddy.

Thursday: Lilian enjoying her big bed 

Thursday: The conference was too much fun for Oskar and a sleep with grandad in reception was needed.
Thursday: Oskar and Lilian getting ready for a swim in the hotel pool. This was Oskar’s first time swimming so a big day for him.

Thursday: Lilian in the pool with daddy

Thursday: All of us having fun at the party
Thursday: Lilian making new friends

Thursday: Lilian making friends with Erik and Samson

Thursday: Lilian and her new Swedish friend Erik

Friday: We all went to a fun park near the hotel. Lilian was very tired after her Halloween party so she slept in the pushchair most of the time

Friday: Lilian and mummy on a ride. Lilian enjoyed it but mummy got a bit dizzy and needed help getting of it.