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Ida said...

CCCCCCCCCCCbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb_CBJSACbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb ffhflfkehfckfckhukfhu (= Lilian, you are the coolest Lilian in the world!! Much love//Your crazy friend Anabelle)

jana tyllo said...

Elza and her mom Jana from Estonia.
I want to say thank you a lot for your story which is sooo optimistic unlooking how hard times ou were going through. Thank you for finding time!! to write. This should be a help to many parents, who find that their life is soo hard, and who have a lack of strenght... Sorry, my vocabulary isn't enough to say what I want, but I believe you understood my poor english. And wish all the best to you and you little baby-star.

John Stanley said...

Hi from the suburbs of Chicago USA! I found your blog during a search on the service. Our Johnny is six months with a double-inlet left ventricle heart defect (no right ventricle) and had his first heart surgery at the beginning of June.

He developed an aversion to bottle feeding when they had us begin fortifying his breastmilk with formula and wouldn't let Pamela breastfeed anymore. They put him on an NG tube over two months before his surgery and had us believing he would eat after the surgery.

Well you can guess that he didn't so I have been reading your posts with interest. I gather your daughter is still not fully weened but had a positive experience in Graz. We are looking into net coaching but it looks very expensive and will first try to find a weening program here in the US that would take insurance. We'd love to avoid the G-tube (peg tube) because we're afraid he'll keep feeling full. Ironically, he CAN suck and swallow and will eat small amounts of puree. He just doesn't want to eat anything milk-related.

Thanks for the posts and my best to your family!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mette, hi Neil ! Just thought of you guys so had a peek at Lilian´s blog. I am happy to hear that things are going well in Danemark. The pictures look wonderful!!
Bye for now!
Kisses to Lilian and Oscar.

Anonymous said...

Sorry i am anonimous but it´s me, Marina form the NCT group in London!!

nik4 said...

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thanks for sharing