Tuesday, 11 February 2014


Big day today. Even though Lilian has been feeding without the tube since July/August last year we were hesitant about removing the tube. However today we did just that. We're so happy! It's been a big struggle getting here. A lot of hard work, tears and strength but it's paid off big time.

A regular visit to her pediatrician and we asked when we should book the appointment. He said why not now? We shrugged our shoulders and thought why not. We assumed we'd need to have it stitched afterwards but in his many years of experience he's never had to. They cleaned the site, sucked out the water from the balloon and POP out if came. No mess. A little leakage, maybe less than half a teaspoon. A simple gauze covering to keep her clothes clean if it leaks some more. We need to watch it for a few days. No baths or swimming. It should heal itself. Cool.

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Fun the snow

Some fun in the snow. Both Lilian and Oskar are relatively new to snow so it took some time for them to be happy rolling about. We got there though.