Sunday, 8 May 2011

Big ears

Today we went to a fair for local people at Goose Green in East Dulwich. All the local shops and services had their own stall. There were a few fair ground rides for kiddies and a donkey ride. It was pretty nice. We met up with Ida, Daniel and Anabelle and went for a small lunch at a local Italian resturant, molto bello. Ida learnt how to pronounce gnocchi [nyoh-kee]. Lilian had a ride on my shoulders and thought my ears were great handles. I think she drew influence from the donkeys.

Fun in the park

Anabelle teaching Lilian 'Cool girls wear sunglasses'

Lilian first time on a swing, Anabelle is a bit of a speeder on the swing and you can see her flying past Lilian on your left

Lilian and mummy
Lilian and daddy