Sunday, 16 March 2014

Hello Mr Tumble!!!

Lilian loves Mr Tumble. Seriously. She loves him so much it hurts. If you don't know Mr Tumble then open up YouTube and prepare to enjoy yourself. Fans of English kids TV will know what I mean.  He's a clown. He teaches kids makaton. He's fun. What's more to love?

My father organized a trip to see Mr Tumble in a pantomime of Cinderalla at Christmas time. When he came on stage Lilian froze and couldn't believe her ears or eyes. Was he really there in the flesh! Mette and I were almost in tears to see Lilian so happy. It was ace.

Mr T. is in big demand and we were unable to get back stage passes but he did send Lilian one of his DVDs and a signed postcard. What a dude.