Sunday, 18 July 2010

the big lunch...sort of

Lilian went to visit Anabelle today; of course us parents went along too. We were meant to go to a "Big Lunch" on a nearby street. But as none of us have been to a Big Lunch before we got a bit lost and confused and hurried past opting to go to the pub instead (no bad choice). This is Lilian's first time in a pub and even though Mummy made her wear a massive hat she enjoyed herself thoroughly as did Daddy who got to meet Anabelle's Mum Ida and Dad Daniel for the first time.

Apparently Lilian is going to show Anabelle and Ida around the aquarium at the Horniman museum in the near future. She is an expert after all.

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Ida said...

Was nice seeing you again Lilian (and your mummy and daddy as well of course)! Too bad about the "big" lunch, but chocolate cakes and pints are also tasty :)

Looking forward to the "Hornyman" museum! (thanks for the link)