Tuesday, 6 August 2013

First day of Danish nursery for Lilian

The big day has arrived; Lilian is starting her new nursery!

She has a taxi collect her at 0700 every morning and they drop her home again at around 1600 in the afternoon. A long day for sure but she does get a good rest in her crib that's outside winter or summer.

The nursery is fantastic. She'll receive therapy in speech, phyiso and OT from the onsite specialists. Plus all the other fun stuff kids get to do at nursery. Trips out to the playground, the beach, maybe the harbor to see some ships and sailors, even the zoo sometimes. It's full on and never boring. Her class is pretty small with just five kids, two trained teachers and a student teacher. It's a nursery for kids with special needs so it's all setup for everything they need. We love it and are so happy she got a place.

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