Wednesday, 11 January 2012

New (extra) physio

We took Lilian to her new physio today. This is the place that Eva from the Austrian feeding clinic recommended to us. It's called Kiki's Children's Clinic and is about 10 minutes drive away in Clapham.

Lilian is still very behind with her mobility. She can roll from front to back and walk if aided by one of us. She has strong legs and a good grip but her shoulders and arms are weak. She never went through the tummy time period because the tummy tube hurt her so she stayed on her back. This has led to Lilian not learning how to get from lying to sitting and then onto standing.

The aim of the clinic is to get her physio therapy into a higher gear by going a least once a week. At the minute she has a home visit once a month from the NHS. It's not cheap but we're get cover by my work health insurance which is great.

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