Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Touching from a distance

Sorry everyone. We've been very lackadaisical about updating the blog for the last few weeks. We're both as busy as ever and it just fell to the side a bit.

We've had some lovely comments from people so thought it'd be nice to put up a guestbook page for all to see. The link is on the left. So go on and say something.

Lots has been going on. Lilian's feeding and physio are coming on great guns. Yesterday Mette said Lilian is eating more than Oskar as some mealtimes! Her new private physio is really impressed with her. All the exercises Lilian has been precrisbed are definitley doing the trick. Mette is going back to work soon so we're busy trying to work out child care, nannies and nursery! Headache.

More detailed posts about all the good and bad stuff will follow shortly...I promise.

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