Sunday, 1 August 2010

Photo Session at the Hospital

We had an appointment with the dermatologist team at Kings, they needed to take a look at some small lumps on Lilian's scalp. They decided to take a sample when the g-tube surgery is performed and we will then find out what it is. Since no one has come across it before we where asked to go and see the medical photographer and get some photos taken. Mummy couldn't help sneaking in a few personal photos and we ending up getting professional photos of mummy and Grandma taken. Here'a couple of pics of Grandma.


Ida said...

What a nice picture!! :)

Mette told me about the lumps last time we met and later that day I realized I had read something about it.. And today I just remembered that it was in the first section on wikipedia:

Anonymous said...

What beautiful pictures!!!