Friday, 27 August 2010

Nose feeding tube swapped for a tummy version

Lilian went into hospital to have her nose feeding tube swapped for a tummy version. Originally only a 24 hour visit. Lilian became extremely ill and spent  few days on intensive care.

Went into hospital and got ready for surgery in the morning. Lilian was a good girl and it was only mummy (who stayed overnight) that caused trouble. She thought the emergency cord in the toilet was the light switch.

Thursday: Lilian had surgery in the morning. She was moved to Intensive care afterwards and given morphine to settle.

Friday: Thursday evening / early Friday morning Lilian got a very high heart rate (218) and fever (39.4). They did loads of tests to find out the cause. Lilian impressed the doctors by showing how quick she was. All the doctors where gather around her bed and when they all looked she decided to pull out her nose tube in front of them. I am sure she had a little grin on her face when she did it

Saturday. Lilian was better and moved back to the ward.

Sunday: Lilian was giving the nurses a hard time, she kept pulling her canola out. Reason she got her hand wrapped.

Monday: We finally got her home
Lilian dressed up for her home coming party.. All cool in her sock trainers and her sticky toy on her head.

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colin said...

Our kids do have an amazing turn of speed.

After Helaina has her 12 hour surgery to have her spine fused, we were in recovery.

I said to the nurse "you could do with more tape on that line, which happened to be an arterial line.

"No need" said the nurse- "it has a stitch holding it in place"

The look of horror on her face as a stream of blood shot out of Helaina's arm into the nurses face. Helaina had a Huge smile on her face as theatre staff ran to top the flow of blood, while Helaina waved the Line and needle in triumph.