Sunday, 5 September 2010

Pictures of Lilian without her NG Tube

Lilian and her Danish cousin Josefine. Since the NG Tube has gone Lilian has started to smile a lot more. We get big smiles with gums first thing in the morning and she has started to giggle when something fun happens.
Lilian lying in her bed. Since the NG Tube has gone she is a lot more interested in exploring and eating her fingers and toys.
Lilian having fun with grandma
Lilian and daddy relaxing in the couch . She is wearing her new outfit from auntie Vibeke.

Lilian laughing at mummy not knowing how to work the camera.

Lilian is dressed up for going to the woods with mummy and daddy. The outfit is from auntie Vibeke.

Picture of Mummy, daddy and Lilian on the train up to London Bridge.

Lilian loves going on the train its soooooo exciting. We tried to get her to look at the camera but she was way too busy looking at other things and she did not have time to pose for the camera.

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Ida said...

Little cutie pie!! Must be sooo nice to finally get rid of that tube, go Lilian! :) xx