Thursday, 12 August 2010

Sticky Fingers

It was Lilian's Grandpas (my Dad) 60th birthday party on Sunday. We all whisked him off to a restaurant in London called Sticky Fingers that is owned by the Rolling Stones bass player Bill Wyman. He and Grandma then went to see a show in the West End and stayed overnight in a very swanky hotel.

Lilian was a very good girl and enjoyed herself very much. She must be used to her parents record collection by now as the 60s rock and roll in the restaurant didn't phase her at all. We only had one costume change during the day too which was good going as I think Lilian is going through her Madonna phase and wants to wear at least 5 outfits a day at the moment.

Birthday boy, his Mummy (Granny) and Lilian.

Lilian thought Sticky Fingers was literal and proceeded to get very sticky fingers using the left overs of my chocolate brownie pudding.

Uncle Stuart gets grumpy when he's not the centre of attention.


Anonymous said...

Stuart - you should be used to not getting any attention being the oldest sibling!!!

Anonymous said...

Stuart is probably grumpy as no one told him it was wear a green plaid shirt day

Anonymous said...

I should always be centre of attention, and don't you forget it!!!