Monday, 19 December 2011

End of week two in Graz

A roller coaster week and the introduction of the finger syringe. The week started okay but we were starting to get a bit lost and confused about the process. We've been reassured that it's the normal process for most parents and we're not panicky or otherwise overly concerned. The staff seemed to do a good job of keeping us under control and we've certainly exited week two in a much better mood.

Lilian is now only taking milk via the pump overnight. During the day she gets finger syringe milk or two or three play picnics. She's given sugary water when we think she tired but that's right down to 60ml from 360ml when we arrived. Her weight has dropped, that's to be expected, but today she weighed 9Kg when we arrived two weeks ago it was 9.3Kg that's pretty good going and shows that she's taking something in during the picnics and finger syringe.

Oskar is a cheeky little mite at the moment and has grown two bottom teeth since we've been here. He's also decided that he doesn't need to sleep and stays up until at least midnight.Then he's up three or four times in the night for feeds or a cuddle. I think it's down partly to the teeth and the pain plus the fact he sleeps more during the day as we're concentrating on Lilian or walking about with the pram which means almost instant sleep for babies his age.

So four more days of therapy then it's back to the UK and Christmas with my family. We're torn to be honest. We miss the UK and being in our own home and the fact it's Christmas is sort of exciting but....we're here for Lilian and to get her onto a path that will make her quality of life so much better. We did ask about staying for longer but as Lilian appears to be doing so well there's little need. We can mimic what we're doing here at home with support from family and friends. It's not going to be easy but we have a door leading away from the damned tube which is exactly what we've worked towards for the last few months.

Eva recommended a private physio in London who worked wonders with one of her previous kids. I contacted the physio and we're going to look at sorting out something in the new year. Apart from feeding Lilian is way behind with her physio development. We need to step up the game a little and look into investing some serious hours to see if we can move along a bit faster. Oskar is already ahead of Lilian in some regards so hopefully he can help out too.

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