Saturday, 17 December 2011

Feeding therapy - Day 12

A Saturday but Eva offered to come into the clinic for a lunchtime play picnic. So generous! We sat Lilian in an old child's car seat to try and get her into a relatively upright position but without her having to work so she can fully concentrate on her feeding. This worked really well and whilst she still managed to turn her head a few times she didn't cry and was totally relaxed. We reckon she took at least 20ml of milk via the finger syringe. Great progress and we should be attempting this about four times a day. It took roughly half and hour until Lilian got moody enough for us to stop. As this position works we can try the same whilst out and about in the buggy and at home with Oskar's old car seat.

Mette feeds Lilian in the car seat while Eva looks on.
The rest of the day off so we took a trip to the art gallery in Graz town centre. It's a really great building and I'm sure I've seen it on TV before. They nick named it the alien or the whale. We sought out two of the exhibitions before the kids had had enough. One mainly photographic gallery by Ai Weiwei and another object gallery by Antje Majewski.

Can you spot the modern art museum?
We took a stroll around town and had some curried sausage and Austrian mulled wine. The sausage was great but the wine was too sour. Bleurgh. The Danish one is much nicer and I like the Swedish version also. It has nuts in it. Floating about.

Sausage and curry/spicy sauce with a really sour mulled wine.

Tomorrow we're going to climb the mountain in the town so we took a quick look from the streets below.

Looks steep.

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