Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Feeding therapy - Day 15

Another good day. Lilian continues to take the finger syringe in her mouth with little or no complaint. We've been told that she's over the hard part of getting it in and now we just need to practice practice practice so we can up the volume.

She tried a new flavour today. A really strong fruit flavoured energy/calorie/fibre juice made by the same people who make her milk. It seemed to go down really well which is great as it means she get to taste more than just vanilla.

The rash is gone and Lilian is in a pretty good mood today. Not much sleep last night but she had a lovely snooze in bed with me this morning which is always a nice way to start the day. So sweet.

Lilian is continuing to try a new move on her OT swing by going superwoman style on her front. Only for short burst until she starts to get grumpy (she hates tummy time remember) but she tolerates it for longer and longer periods each time. The OT suggests we seriously look at getting a swing installed at home or asking our OT service if we can use theirs as it has so much benefit for Lilian. Another new project to look into when we get back to the UK!

Lilian is also gaining weight back from where she'd lost it. She's put on 70g over the last 24 hours and she even had a big poo before we weighed her. Her weight has gone up since roughly we started the finger feed so we assume she's definitely taking it in. Let's hope this continues as a tube fed baby going through a wean can lose as easily as she gains.

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