Saturday, 10 December 2011

Feeding therapy - Day 5

Saturday, no therapies today so a sightseeing tour of Graz instead. In the morning we had a bt of breakfast then got the kids ready; only took us three hours today. It's still pretty cold outside, about 1 above zero, so everyone is wrapped up nice and warm.

A 20 minute walk and we start to hit Graz town proper. It's surprisingly quiet for a Saturday but I suppose we're used to busy London. First a walk through the park at the foot of the mountain called 'Grazer Schlo├čberg' which was nice but a lot of the fountains and statues have been covered over we assume for the Winter weather. We then turned a corner and was presented with a winding cobbled street that led down into Graz town.

We only investigated the main street but it was really nice. Trams everywhere. Chestnuts roasting. Decorations and people Christmas shopping. We nipped into a restaurant and had some Italian food. Lilian was offered everything. Oskar had some peach smoothie. Then we found a kids shop and bought some toys realising that we had none in the house and the kids were bored some of the time. One toy is a little ball that pops up like a jack in the box when you press buttons. The only problem is that it says words and signs in Austrian! Ha ha, now the kids are going to have three languages under their belt.

We took a tram back home and stopped for some quick food shopping. Catching up with 'Enders on iPlayer then tonights double bill of the Killing II on BBC4. Tomorrow we're going to give the Kunst museum a go and see if the kids like some modern art. The building is fantastic.

The kunst museum and my stunningly beautiful wife.


AndrewGrinnall said...

Hi Neil Mette et all
Lovely to read the blog and pleased to see that Lilian is making progress and that Oskar is as well. Looks like you are all enjoying Austria and we are looking forward to seeing you all soon. It looks like we will have to prepare a special Christmas dinner for Lilian and Oskar.
Just watched the killing II and pleased to see the jumper is back!!
love Mum & Dad

Mette, Neil and Lilian said...

Thanks! The internet connection here is ropes so we havent watched the killing yet. Nice to hear that the jumper is back.

Both kiddies slept until 9 this morning. That is unheard of. Mmmmm. Sleep.