Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Feeding therapy - Day 9

A good day today. We started Lilian off on a nice strong coffee to help her get over her tiredness. We were meant to have a swimming session but the pool is still closed so we had a play picnic breakfast instead. This started off okay and Lilian licked her food etc. I pulled out the finger syringes and thought we'd try again. I'm not sure why but Lilian accepted the syringe today. She didn't cry or moan and hardly pushed my hand away at all. I managed to "feed" her at least 60ml of milk of which only a large amount went down her top. It's a brilliant start though. Later Eva brought us some high calorie vanilla and banana flavoured milk as Lilian's milk has an odd fish smell and isn't great for oral feeding. We're going to keep the finger syringes up and try them throughout the day. Once Lilian starts to realise that when she eats her tummy gets full she'll be much more open to being fed. Obvious really but such hard work.

Lilian and coffee.
The usual play picnic at lunch. Again the food was licked and played with. She did have a good lick of some chocolate. Oskar had carrots for lunch and ended up with a bad Essex tan over his face. A thing to note about Oskar's own wean. Last week he was 100% boob fed. Now he has sausage sticks, carrot, potato and tiramisu. Only tastes and licks you understand but it's all good. Mette is starting to come around to the idea...sort of. He's still getting boobs. Last night he only wanted one feed instead of three so hopefully the carrots are filling the gap.

Oskar just slightly wired after less than half a teaspoon of tirimisu this afternoon.
We met Prof. Marguerite Dunitz-Scheer for the first time today. We've spoken to her during the web wean but she was off the last couple of weeks. We both came away with much more confidence somehow. Lilian is still getting too much fluid via her tube. This time its the sugar water (for energy) that has to be reduced. Instead of 60ml six times a day we're going to aim for only four times a day and only when Lilian shows that she needs it. Until now we've given it to her regardless to meet the daily target.

Last session was OT. More beans but no swings today. We had a go with the finger syringe whilst she was tinkering with her beans. Not as successful as breakfast but still pretty good. She is definitely swallowing milk. Mette was worried about Lilian's ability to swallow but zero gags and a good 20ml went in this afternoon.

Showing the syringe the hand because the wrist is pissed!
Go on then, just a drop.
All in all a good day today. Such large amounts via the finger syringe was great plus the brief meeting with Marguerite really boosted us. We're still looking at returning to the UK next Friday for Christmas with my family. We're going to talk it over with the staff tomorrow.

Lilian having some trifle.

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