Monday, 19 December 2011

Feeding therapy - Day 14

After yesterdays lazy day we started off okay and were on time for our OT session at 9am. Lilian spent some more time in the box of beans and had a good old swing about too.

Oskar wanted a swing too so we took him to the park during a break.
Yesterday Lilian had a bit of a rash on her back and tummy. She didn't have a fever and seemed okay. We asked the Doctor today and he suggested a blood sample. The sample suggests something is not right but nothing to be concerned about. Possibly more fluids are needed. We'll keep and eye on it over the next 24 hours. Lilian seems happy enough and it doesn't itch etc.

Nothing more between the OT and noons play picnic so we went to the park. Oskar had a swing about and Lilian took a 2 minute snooze. The air ambulance arrived which gave us a couple of minutes of excitement.

Lilian did very well at the play picnic. She had lots of custard and enjoyed it very much. We're still going with the finger syringe and Lilian seems to be accepting it. Yesterday at home we managed 200ml but today only 75ml. This might be because we were out and about or that she not up for it as much as yesterday. The key thing is not to get disheartened and to continue as planned.

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