Friday, 9 December 2011

Feeding therapy - Day 4

The last day of the first weeks therapy. A 9 o'clock start with some speech and language. Lilian really loves a vibrating toy being held to her cheeks and also a massage around her mouth. This will stimulate those muscles that she isn't using by not eating.

Lilian having a cheek massage.

Next up was physio. More mat work and exercises to help strengthen her arms. Lilian appears to be tolerating tummy time more today but it's still a struggle as the tube in her tummy hurts when she's on it. It's a vicious cycle this one. Some more exercises to try at home. Maybe a circuit training routine needs to be worked out.

Our first music session after physio. The nurse played a guitar and sang some favourite nursery rhymes. Lilian loved it and banged away at a drum. She's pretty good at the drums as she plays one at the Dulwich park nursery every weekend. Over time food will be introduced to these sessions. Oskar also had a drum and whilst he wasn't as accurate as lilian he certainly made up for in terms of noise. Mette mentioned his Sepultura training has paid dividends.

Last event of the day was the play picnic. Same story as yesterday but Lilian has managed to not get quite so upset when other children come into contact with her. She looks angry but doesn't cry. Mette and I got told off by the head doctor though as we haven't been out to enjoy the "best food in Europe". He gave us a list of restaurants in the area to try. The first being a local for the students. We went straight there for lunch. Imagine a harvester. Lots of deep fried brown food. We didn't really enjoy it but Lilian had a good go on the sour cream that came with the fries. Tomorrow we're off into town to try and find something a bit more appetising and also take our first look at Graz proper.

Lilian enjoying some custard at the play picnic.

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