Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Feeding therapy - Day 8

A day late updating the blog. Knackered yesterday. So tired. So little time. Please can I go back to my nice cosy office job please!

A cold start to the day.
A full day of therapies. A start with some physio but Lilian was just too tired to bother. She didn't sleep very well and is still getting used to being hungry in the morning. Her last feed is at 2am now. We skipped the session after 10 minutes and went for a walk in the woods instead. Lilian had a nice snooze and we had a nice strong coffee.

After an hour relaxing back to work. Next was speech and language. Something new today. Finger syringes. It's essentially a small 3ml syringe with a soft rubber tip that you can use to get fluid into mouths that don't want to open. Lilian wasn't having much fun though but we gave it a go. We'll try again.

A finger syringe.
Last session was OT. More beans in a box and some swing time. Oskar wanted a go on the swing too.

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