Thursday, 15 December 2011

Feeding therapy - Day 10

Bad start but great ending.

Lilian wasn't well last night and was awake crying pretty much all night. Oskar felt left out and also cried all night. Both Mette and I stayed up trying to get two upset babies to sleep. We failed and got zero sleep. Grumpy, knackered and emotional parents does not make for a happy place today!

At least today we just had a play picnic to attend at the clinic. We could try to get some rest in the morning. Or not. We were late for the picnic and Lilian had to be seen by the Doctor to make sure she wasn't dehydrated or had caught a virus. Both appear negative and she seems much happier tonight which is a blessing as if she becomes ill then the therapy will be affected.

So we had a quick picnic with the usual licking of everything then a blood test and a grumpy pair of parents snapping at each other. Boo. We came home in the afternoon and chose not to go the restaurant for an afternoon meal as per usual as we'd have probably killed each other.

Now to the good bit. Beatrice, the manager of the house we're staying at, had organised another special visit for Lilian and Oskar. Staying with the Christmas theme she'd invited the local professional hockey team, the Graz 99ers, over to decorate the Christmas tree. I can't think of many people who can say that their Christmas tree was erected by local sporting heroes!

Lilian is so excited she can't keep her eyes open!
The guys were really friendly and Beatrice had laid on some coffee and dickmanns so we all sat down and chatted. Apparently Graz has an annual scooter fair and Austrian people are fond of Vespa scooters. I managed to get in that I owned two Vespas and a Lambretta when I was younger and cooler. Lilian and Oskar were coo'd over and held up their part of the bargain by smiling in all the right places.

Some of the players signed their photos.
Lilian did really well and wasn't upset by all the burly men being in her house! Beatrice had her son and daughter over to help out and I think Oskar took a shine to Beatrice's daughter by employing his dimpled smile. All in all a great finish to the day. Mette and I are now happy people again. We're genuinely touched by all the efforts the magnificent Beatrice is going through to make us feel welcome in Austria and it'll make this medical holiday all the more memorable for it.

The finished article.


Olga said...

i love your awareness of being underslept and snappy. we used to just be snappy (ok, me. the husband would wisely slink off...)
out of curiosity, how does the clinic plan for you to continue weaning at home? does it switch to a netcoaching scenario? or something else?

Mette, Neil and Lilian said...

Mette gave me a knowing smile when she read this! Hahaha

We're not 100% how it'll work back in the UK but our dietician is very supportive of our efforts. We assume we'll follow the same steps here but with email and phone assistance.

Today was good. More to come on new post later today. Now where is the Hoover?