Thursday, 22 December 2011

Feeding therapy - Day 17

Nearly there then, the penultimate day of therapy. Everything is starting to shutdown for Christmas. Even the hospital feels empty.

We had a session with speech and language. Lilian tried some vanilla rice pudding and loved it. She was OPENING HER MOUTH to accept the spoon whenever it was offered. This is pretty big. Not just once but at least 10 to 15 times in a row. Not bad. Something we're going to continue to push.

The lunch therapy didn't really work as we were all tired so we left after a few feeble attempts.

We said our goodbyes to Eva today. She's been wonderful and has really helped Lilian during her stay. We've made contact with a private physio in London that Eva recommended and they've accepted Lilian onto their books. The first session is coming up soon after new year. Really excited about that.

We're trying no tube food tonight. For the first time ever. Just to see how Lilian reacts. No doubt she'll get hungry and lose some weight but it might boost her desire to eat. Only for one night though. Back to norml'ish tube feeds afterwards but hopefully with smaller amounts.

Mmmmm...afternoon tea.

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