Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Feeding therapy - Day 16

Chilly willy today. Down to -6 on the mobile phone weather app. Not sure if it was that cold but the stream alongside the path we take to the hospital is starting to freeze over. Still no snow! I packed a big old pair of wellington boots too. Looks like they are going to stay virgins until we're back in the UK.

Nearly frozen babbling brook.
A kick off to the day with some OT. In fact our last session of our Graz tour of duty. It's a real shame as we've always really enjoyed OT and today was no exception. Lilian had a good old swing about as did Oskar. We took snaps this time.

King of the swingers.
Lastly a play picnic for lunch. Lilian sat in her usual car seat but wasn't up for much lunch today. She grumbled a fair bit so we just gave her some soup and other treats to play with instead. There's not much point pushing a child to eat if they aren't in the mood.

Lilian is now nearing the end of her three week stay. She is continuing to make great progress with the finger syringe and now accepts it more and more. Her weight is still going up so we're going to start to drop her tube intake slowly but surely. Remember the current aim is to move the milk from the tube to the mouth. The mouth methods will start with the finger syringe and then evolve to spoons, sippy cups and then a knife and fork! We've no idea how long it'll take but Lilian hasn't used her mouth properly for nearly two years so she's got a fair bit of catch-up. All the staff here really praise her progress and are more than happy that Lilian is well on her way. We're going to pick-up the web coaching when we're in the UK so we have a professional on hand.

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