Sunday, 11 December 2011

Feeding therapy - Day 6

Not much going on today. Both kinder stayed in bed until 9 which was new. Mette and I were still awake waiting for them to wake up though. We had a lazy morning in bed with the iPad and some chocolates. Lilian is willing to let Mette slip a tiny corner of chocolate into her mouth which she then suck/swallow (it doesn't come out at least).

And relax.
We then headed out downtown. We caught the tram right into the heart of the city. We love the tram it rocks. A Sunday in Graz is not a time for shopping; it's all shut. We headed to the kunst museum but needed some lunch first. A few false starts (it's all shut remember) and we found an Italian at the foot of the Grazer Schlo├čberg. It wasn't the best choice of venue as it had loads of steps and didn't appear to have child seats. We ate our (delicious) food, offered some to Lilian and left. Not a good day for lunch training then. By now it was dark and cold and we were a bit grumpy. We decided to give the kunst museum a miss and head home. We grabbed a kebab on the way for later. Not a rubbish British kebab but a proper Turkish one.

One thing is new on the feeding front. Lilian is quite keen on having a sour lemon drink from her tiny bottle. She actually opens her mouth and lets us pour some in. We've been giving her the lemon drink via her dummy for the last couple of days so she must like the taste. This is BIG.

Tomorrow is busy. 9am start with four different appointments and a 4pm finish time. Phew.

On the tram. Note Lilian's small bottle of lemon.

Oskar and I at the restaurant.

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